Preston & Erin - Wedding - Denton, TX

I had the honor of photographing my cousin-in-law's wedding last month. Kelley and I went down a few days early to spend some time with family in Dallas and we had a good time exploring Denton. 

The wedding was such a fun time! It had, by far, the most Star Wars references I've experienced at a wedding (and it was awesome).  The ceremony was at Denton Bible Church's beautiful chapel. After the ceremony we headed over to Texas Women's University for the reception. I loved the hall thanks to the abundance of windows and natural light. A rare find in reception halls! 

One of the most touching moments of the day was right before the cake cutting when Preston and Erin brought out a special cake for Preston's father, Kyle. Kyle had what they call the "widow-maker's heart attack" not long before the wedding. Not many survive. Thankfully Kyle was not only in front of a hospital when it occurred, but in front of a hospital that could handle this type of heart attack. It was a miracle he could make it to his son's wedding (and it was on his birthday, no less!).

It was such a joy to see Preston and Erin join together as became husband and wife. They are so fun to be around and they are perfect for each other. Here's a snapshot of the day: